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In automotive detailing, more often than not - the Detailing Accessories that you use to Clean, Apply or Remove Car Care Products is often as important as the product that you use!

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Related items: Detailing Brushes, Microfiber Towels, Detailing Tools

Like anything else, using the right automotive detailing accessory or detailing tool makes all the difference in the world

For example, you could have the best car wax in the world. If you can't apply it in thin even coats or easily remove it, you can't get the best outcome and inevitably will work harder than you have to.

The old adage "Using the right tool makes all the difference" applies 110% in detailing. Using the right detailing accessory is just as important as the product that you are using!

These are the same detailing accessories that we sell to our commercial customers that use them everyday to earn a living and run their businesses.

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Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!

Jax Wax Car Care automotive detailing accessories are commercial products are of higher quality than than most "retail" car care products that sit on the "wax wall" vying for your hard earned dollars with slick labels and packaging. Click here to read "Should You Use Professional Car Care Products?