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Jax Wax is actively looking for distributors and partners to provide consumers with our world class professional car care and automotive detailing products.

Car Care and Automotive Detailing Products are the last bastions of "Do it Yourself" activities when it comes to maintaining one's vehicle, whether it is a daily driver or a world class show car. Consumers demand products that add "Sizzle" to their ride.

Choosing a car care detailing product is confusing and it shouldn't be.

Today the differences between car care products is blurry, mostly due to marketing which has created a lot of hype and confusion. It seems that "New and Improved" is a requirement for printing any product label. Today, on any retailer's "Wax Wall" there is a myriad of choices, all in slick packaging competing for consumer's hard earned dollars.

The Difference Between Jax Wax and Retail Products

We have been manufacturing professional car care and automotive detailing products since 1993. The largest part of our business are commercial customers - hundreds of Auto Dealers, Professional Detailers and Body Shops. If they could get products of similar quality in the Auto Parts and Department Store Chains, why wouldn't they? Simple - because time is money and results matter. These are the same car care and automotive detailing products people use everyday to make a living.

Once even the most discerning customer Jax Wax products, they are astonished time and again with the results. That's how car care products should work.

The key to making great products starts with
using the best American-Made raw materials available.
We refuse to use less expensive, imported raw materials in order to increase our profits. Manufacturing might cost less, but the products just don't work as well. By using the finest ingredients, we can control and ensure the highest quality and performance of Jax Wax products.

Keeping it Simple. Our product line is very simple by design. There is really no need to offer 5 different tire dressings or waxes for different color cars in an attempt to sell more products. This just creates confusion. At Jax Wax, we have a motto - "Simplify".

Steady Proven Growth Year after Year the Best Way - By Word of Mouth

Our consistent growth year after year has been largely due to our customers - Word of Mouth. Call us old fashioned, but we also believe in treating people the way we want to be treated. It's pretty simple - give the people what they want, treat people right and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The rest takes care of itself.

The Types of Distributors and Partners We Are Looking For:

Individuals looking to supplement your current income part time or a full time opportunity

Jax Wax Car Care Products at Car Show Jax Wax Car Care Products at Car Show
Jax Wax Car Care Products at Car Show Jax Wax Car Care Products at Car Show

Do you enjoy going to or are you already attending car shows?

Selling Jax Wax products is fun, easy to do and easily generates repeat and referral business. By buying wholesale, you can easily grow and support your own dealer network of re-sellers. We have a vested interest in your success and we are there to help you all the way!

Your income potential is only limited to how hard and often you want to work. Everyone has different needs and goals. Whether you want to work part time or full time - we are able to tailor a program that helps you achieve your financial goals. Interested? Click Here to Contact Us.

- Aftermarket Retailers
If you are an Aftermarket Retailer, wouldn't you like to have a product line that:
  • Is not and will not be widely available in large chain stores?
  • Your competitor doesn't have and won't be able to get?
  • Increases foot traffic to your retail location just because you have it in stock?
  • Offers excellent margins?
  • Has a free customized retail display rack for your business?
At Jax Wax, we do things different from most companies. A very long time ago Jack was a distributor for a large automotive detailing supply company and knows what it feels like to be in your shoes.

To start with how about no large up front purchases, better than industry margins, no sales quotas and we won't put another dealer right next to you?

We are selective about distribution. Consequently, the most requested page on is "Where to Buy" where your listing will be. Interested? We'd love to talk with you! Click Here to Contact Us..

- Automotive Dealerships
Jax Wax Germain Mazda Jax Wax Academy Ford
Jax Wax Germain Lexus of Easton Jax Wax Ricart Automotive
Jax Wax Auto Dealer Arena Motor Sales

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Reviews, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Retention are all high on a dealership's priority list as they all effect profitability directly through financial incentives from manufacturers or indirectly in other ways.

Jax Wax New Car Care Kit

Who doesn't like to receive an unexpected gift?

Some of the dealerships that we sell detailing supplies to also give their customers a dealership-branded car care gift bucket kit when they purchase a car.

The kit includes the same products that were used to prepare their new car and makes it easier for the customer to keep it in the same showroom condition.

Their customers absolutely love it! Even as the supplier of the products we receive countless emails raving about a simple car care kit with a wash bucket.

That simple gift strengthens the relationship and the same customers come back into the dealerships to purchase refills and additional products, accessories and services.

On the other hand, in other dealerships they sell the same old tired car care products that don't work as well that anyone can buy at Walmart for less money.

The results are less profit for the dealership, less visits from customers and less sales of additional products, accessories and services after the sale.

Interested in a simple, inexpensive, high margin way to increase customer satisfaction, reviews, retention and sell more accessories and services?

Additionally you will have potential customers come into your dealership just to pick up the product because of our selective distribution. Talk about zero cost customer acquisition!

Interested? We'd love to talk with you! Click Here to Contact Us.

- Professional Detailers

Jax Wax Detailer Mikes Prestige Jax Wax Detailer Macron Mobile
In professional detailing, time is money and results matter. You need products that:

1. Are Fast
You typically don't get paid by the hour - you charge by the job. The customer really doesn't care if it takes you 15 hours or 2 - the price is the same.

2. Work the First Time
Since you are charging by the detail job, you can't afford to do things twice. The detailing products that you use have to work the first time.

3. Are Easy to Use
Unless you are a one man shop, you have employees. Typically they aren't as skilled as you and you always aren't there to help them. The products have to be easy to use for someone new to detailing.

4. Give Lasting Results
Your business is built on word of mouth. If a customer's car doesn't stay looking good for a while after a detail, he is not going to come back. And most importantly, your customer is not going to recommend you to their friends.

Jax Wax products help save you time and earn more detail business. But it doesn't end there.

Your customers come to you for your expertise. They look to you for advice on what products to use since most are disappointed with the results of the car care products that they buy retail. Why not supplement your income by selling the same products that you use everyday?

Customers appreciate something they can use to keep their car looking good in between details! Some detailers are afraid of sharing their "secrets" because they fear they will lose business. Nothing could be further from the truth. Selling products such as a quick detail spray wax to a customer strengthens your relationship.

Instead of limiting yourself to deriving your income from detailing you can create a recurring revenue stream from product sales to customers. In fact, by being listed on our web site, you will have potential customers come into your detailing business just to pick up the product because of our selective distribution.

And with wholesale distributor pricing you will cut your cost of detailing supplies that you use. Any of this interest you? Click Here to Contact Us.

- Custom, Restoration & Performance Shops
Jax Wax Shop Dealer Modern Muscle Jax Wax Shop Dealer Pro Street Customs

Whether your shop restores classic cars or adds more ponies, customers come to you because you are the expert. Customers look to you for advice. Chances are you are selling some aftermarket parts - and probably at lower margins because there are so many places for customers to purchase the same product or part.

A challenge promoting your business. Sure, word of mouth is the best way. But by having Jax Wax products and being listed on our web site you will get customers coming into your shop just to purchase products that otherwise wouldn't.

romoting your business at events and shows is costly. Reduce your costs and engage more customers with Jax Wax products at your event. It's proven that displaying Jax Wax products will add revenue reducing your exhibitor costs and attract more customers at the same time, many who would've never stopped to see what you are all about.

You can get started without any large up front purchase and get higher margins.

Interested? We'd love to talk with you! Click Here to Contact Us.

- Internet Sites Catering to the Aftermarket

Jax Wax Web Partner Auto-Wear

Do you have an Internet Site that caters to automotive enthusiasts? Looking for complimentary products? Want to see how it goes and looking for a "drop ship" partner? Want to increase your visibility in the search engines? Validate your site brand? Make excellent margins?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions - we should talk.

We realize that everyone has different needs, and are able to tailor a program that helps you achieve good sustainable margins.

Contact us for Complete Details - We Look Forward to Talking with You! You can email us at, call us at 1-877-752-9929 or use the form below:
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