Jax Wax Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Emails and Comments from Customers!

"Recently cleaned up my old and new Mopar and took them took to a local show. We took Best of Show, Ladies Favorite and Best 2008 or Newer Muscle Car. Everyone sworn the cars were wet.
The night before I cleaned them up with Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Paste Wax and the day of the show I hit them with Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine.
Tell me what you think of my 1969 Plymouth road runner and my 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8.
Thanks for a GREAT line of products."
Greg Anderson
Happy in the East Valley AZ
1969 Plymouth Road Runner 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Jax Wax Customer

"Received the order today. Thank you so much for going the extra mile. The metal polish is just absolutely awesome! I have never had a Jax Wax product that didn't exceed my expectations!"
Chris Ridings
Monett, MO

"This 2009 P.T.Cruiser of Christine's looks like new due to your Jax Wax. Easy on and easy off. Looks and compliments all the time. A Jax's Wax car from day 1. Look brand new. Love the product."
Wayne Wyman
Lakewood, CA

"Love the Shine, Thanks Scott!"
Chad & Cindy Wilson
Chad Wilson Red Mustang with Jax Wax

"The end result, after using Jax Wax Products! Thank you! The Best!"
Tim Bush Head Detailing Guru
Faulkner Cadillac
Mechanicsburg, PA
Cadillac detailed with Jax Wax Products Faulkner Cadillac

We Caught Up With Some Customers at the Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals in Chicago November 2013.
Click on the Videos to Hear What They Had to Say:

Jax Wax Customer Review Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals Chicago Nov 2013 Jax Wax Customer Review Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals Chicago Nov 2013 Jax Wax Customer Review Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals Chicago Nov 2013
Jax Wax Customer Review Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals Chicago Nov 2013 Jax Wax Customer Review Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals Chicago Nov 2013

"Scott, I recently placed an order for Jax Wax, and would like to tell you it is by far the best wax I have ever used, as you can see my car is black and a nightmare to wax with most waxes, Jax's went on so smooth and easy and came off just as easy. I'm sure you already know how good it is but I need to give my feed back..... "
Kim Ingalls
Illinois via Email
"Oh ya this was taken right after I waxed it today...."
Jax Wax Customer Camaro

"Jax Wax is hands down the best wax out there! Thx"
Jeremy Harris
Jax Wax Customer Ram Truck

"I don't know of any other way to write a testimonial except for writing you guys an e-mail. My wife and I own a 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302 Mustang. I had a couple of very minor scratches on the roof, but on a black roof they stood out like a sore thumb. We went to the NMRa race at MIR in May and picked up a bottle of Jax Wax Sworl Remover while we were there. I was driven to try it because as long as I can remember there has always been a Jax Wax rep at pretty much any event I have attended. A company can't around that long without having a superior product. So, we got home and I tried it on a small spot by hand and WOW, it did exactly what the rep said it would do. This weekend I went over to a friend of mines and out of pure sympathy I offered to attemp to buff and polish his badly hazed and surfaced scratched black 2003 Mustang Cobra. This car looked like someone had literally washed it with a ScotchBrite pad. Well, it took me about 5 hours of working areas that were 2ft by 2ft with an orbital buffer and a foam pad, but when I was finished...........Oh my God did this car shine. I went back to his house today and I finished my roof and also did my decklid and spoiler. I was curious to see what your product would do on Competition Orange. I will be doing my entire car this upcoming weekend. Needless to say, my friend and I are true believers and will be placing orders for your entire product line in the very near future. Thank you so much for producing a product that does what it is advertised to do; nothing more, nothing less. By the way, seeing as how we are both Active Duty Navy, do you guys offer a military discount? I would also like to get preliminary information regarding how to become a Jax Wax Representative. I will be retiring from the Navy in a few years and would like more information on this."
Thanks again Sincerely,
Christopher McGee

"My show car behind glass. Jax wax products always makes my car look fantastic."
Chuck Zaroles
New York
Jax Wax Customer 2002 35th Anniv Camaro Show Car

"Impressive delivery time considering my typo error of my address ST # sign me up for your newsletters, oh order #5795 would be me, tell your woman who called me that I think she rocks, gonna slather that stuff on my 89 bitchin red Audi Avant, probably use it on my garage queen an '83 Audi URQ, she is black one of 254 made in 1983."
Very best regards,
Bill Bennett

"Trying out my Jax Wax--Awesome stuff"
Erik Pardo
Lansing Michigan
Jax Wax Customer Gray Camaro

"Dear Scott, was nice talking with you today about Jax Wax and my 1929 Ford polished with Jax Wax . I did all the work and pant on this car. It took 3 years to complete. As I stated, I had to make the top, doors, hood, fenders, running boards, trunk, custom taillight housing, headlight bar, floor pans, interior window moldings and even the windshield frame. It was fun. Has a 302 ford with AOD trans and the car only weighs about 1800 Lbs. I even did all the interior except for the two seats. I wanted flames but the look of real fire so I did the airbrushing. It has 5 coats of back, six layers of flames and five more coats of clear. Sanded with 1500 and buffed with Jax Wax and the final buff was with Jax Wax Swirl Remover and foam pad. Thanks again for this wax and all your help!"
Jerry Robinson
Jax Wax Customer 1929 Ford

"My father lives in Columbus and recently heard about your product on Q-FM96 and decided to give it a try. A couple of weeks later he called me just raving how awesome and easy your Cherry Wet Look wax was and that I needed to give it a go. Being on the board of directors for the BMW Car Club of America New Mexico chapter I tend to get a lot of bogus recommendations for car care products but this time I decided since it was my father doing the reccomending, I'd order from your company. Let me tell you, I was very very pleased with the results! I have a red, 2011 BMW I keep in pristine new condition. It's never looked so good. The main reason I'm writing is to say that I'm so impressed with how easy your wax was to use I'm going to feature it in our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter has a circulation of about 400 BMW enthusiasts here in New Mexico, Western Texas, and goes out to many friends in Southern California. I will send you a copy of the Newsletter once it's ready for publication. I can't say enough about JaxWax!"
Joseph Lavender

"Thank you Jax Wax I love your products and its the only wax I will ever use. I have 5 cars and they all are only waxed with Jax Wax. My 2012 Corvette has only had Jax Wax from the start and it looks Awesome. I've done very well at car and attribute a lot of this the the impeccable shine I get from your products. I use Body shine showroom spray wax before every car show and what a beautiful shine. Some of my other favorite products are Liquid Carnauba paste wax, Cherry wax, and Shine All. I recommend Jax Wax to all my friends and family. I love to give your products as a gift to fellow car buffs and all so far are sold on your products. Keep up the good work."
Chris Matinides
North Canton, OH
Jax Wax Customer 2012 Yellow Corvette

"Hey Jack, I purchased your liquid carnauba paste wax this summer at ZMAX dragway in charlotte NC. I saw you (or one of your guys) use it in the direct sunlight and I thought it was great but deep down I didn`t believe it was that good. I tried to get a free sample and you wouldn`t budge but offered me a money back guarantee if I was unhappy. Boy was I wrong, It is the BEST wax I have ever used. I have a 1967 camaro, 1979 Trans Am and a new Dodge truck and I use it on all of them IN THE DIRECT HOT NC SUNSHINE. I went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas and there where many wax companies that insisted their wax was the best but not one said I could use their wax in the hot sun. These are household named companies ( I`m sure you know who I mean) and when I told them about Jax Wax they said I was wrong because Quote: "you can`t wax a car in the hot sun, especially Black" !! I Love your wax and if you attend the SEMA show next november in Vegas YOU WILL BLOW THEIR SOCKS OFF with your product. Thanks for the great product and rest assure when my bottle gets low I will ordering more. Thanks!"
Randy Gajewski
via Email - NC

"Friend of mine from my Camaro Club picked me up some Jax Wax products, LOVE THEM!! Thx for making a great product!!"
Troy Custar
Jax Wax Customer Black Camaroa

"I just had to drop you a note about your products and let me keep it simple for everyone reading this "Believe what you are reading". I have been trying every product out there for years to keep the good shine the detailers put on my black vehicles with no luck. I recently spent about an hour working on the dull, flat, hazy hood of my pickup (of course the hottest day of the summer) and standing back and thinking that no option it's time to have if buffed out again when a neighbor came over with the liquid wax and said watch this. He did half the hood in about two minutes, I did the other half, went in the house ordered most of the products then went to the garage and filled a garbage can with all the junk I've tried and never looked back. End of story!"
Mike Phillips
Indian Lake, OH

"Thanks a lot I have been using nothing but jax wax for the last few years and it really brought this car back to life. The guy I was buying it from in my area recently passed away so now I have to find another place to get it."
Ted Lomax
Jax Wax Customer Pontiac

"I am not a quick believer in some products claims but I purchased the Jax wax at the NMRA Ohio Race, and after using it on the Daully.......I have to say WOW!!!!! This stuff is great. It goes on effortlessly and comes off just as easy. The look of my Daully hasn't been this nice since the day I bought it from Ford. I used it on the race car as well as the Chrome polish and Again.......WOW If you get chance, please give me a ring or send me an email, I've got to let some folks know about this stuff, but we don't have anyone here in Houston, Texas that sells it. Thanks again and a Big Thumbs up for a Product that ACTUALLY works like you were told it does. "
Joe Cram
Houston, TX

"I have been a XXXX(deleted) wax user for years and thought there was none better. I was wrong. I used the carnauba paste on my black 2006 Mustang GT and the result was amazing. It rained the next day and I didn't get the usual dirt buildup on the sides like I have before. The car looked like I had just waxed it. Black cars are tough to shine and keep shined but I think I have found the product to do that. The black car swirl remover is also a great product. Thanks again for giving me those samples to try. I am a believer and user now. "
Howland Packard
Columbus, OH

"I bought this product in Myrtle Beach SC back in March. I have been using the Bug Zapper ever since. I just waxed the whole truck in less than a hr and man what a shine it has! Thanks. U have a life time customer now. Need to hurry though and get a rep in SC...hint hint."
Andy Fisher
South Carolina
Jax Wax Customer Chevy Truck

"I just want to thank Scott Ellis for being nice and not trying to push the product. I had a wax years ago that had the Caranuba in it, and I could not find it anymore! Finally I saw this at the Super Chevy Show in Dinwiddie, Va. I bought the largest bottle, and it really brought the luster out in my 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS! Hopefully I can post a picture of my car on this site as it really shines like glass! Thanks Jax Wax, Al"
Al Johnston
Hopewell, VA

"Great products!! Got rid of a whole cabinet of cleaning supplies for 6 bottles of Jaxwax!"
Bill Tumas
Jax Wax Customer Ford Mustang

"Scott, This is the best wax I have ever put on a car. The paint is so clear, smooth looking, extremely shinny. It makes the STi blue just jump at you. I love it. I truly believe the finish on the car is the best it has ever looked. I am truly happy I tried your wax. I will use it till I die. Once again Thank you for all your help. My 04 STi looks showroom new. I try to keep the car looking this way all the time. You have a great day."
Bill Yahrling
Necomerstown, OH

"Sir, I wanted to tell you that your products are truly amazing. I am so elated with each and every product that I have used and many of my friends are now using. I serve in the Air Force as a Flight Engineer and as a Unit Deployment Manager. I fly in and out of Iraq and have numerous missions bringing the injured out of the desert and back to the states. I detail cars and motorcycles, more so motorcycles when I am home earning extra money. I cannot say enough about each and every product that I have used. I am looking forward to trying some of your other products in the near future. I have used nearly every product on the market and can substantiate that if you saw my shelves in my garage. Nothing comes close to Jax Wax. It is not often a business hears very many good things about their products. You certainly deserve to hear and know how much your product is liked and appreciated. I called and spoke to one of your operators but thought I would follow up with an email. Have a good Thanksgiving and again thank you for having such a remarkable product on the market."
Tracy Cooper
Dayton, Ohio

"Man jax wax is awesome! I trail ride my jeep, after jax wax you can't even tell! JEEPS FOR JAXWAX!!"
Katie Bury
Jax Wax Customer Jeep

"I heard about your product at a recent MDA car shoe and though I would check out your web site. I did, and found it loaded with car care info. I received my bottle of Liquid Carnauba yesterday and did my black 02 Trailblazer this morning. Wow!! was that easy and the car looks fantastic. My next job is to do my black 89 Vette convertible. I'll have it done before the cruise in tommorow evening and I'll bring the product with me, just to show it off a bit... The neighbor saw me doing my Blazer and wanted to know where to get it. I gave him the brochure I got with my order and he is going to place an order with you soon. Thank you for a great product."
Jim Hamel
Toledo, Ohio

"Scott, Thanks again for using my Corvette at the Super Chevy Show. You made a customer out of me due to the demo. The Jax Wax really did put a better shine on my black paint than the previous product. I am glad Roger Gustin told me about your products. I attend many Corvette functions throughout the summer. I will make sure I put in a plug for your products."
Dave Clay
Granville, Ohio

"Thank you for your fast service you have made me a lifelong customer. I don't think I could have gone to the parts store any quicker!"
Joe Yoho
Fraser, Michigan

"Not sure if it was Jax Wax (would like to think it was) or just that I haven't been to this car show before, but I took a Top 25 'Outstanding Vehicle' award (Nice Plaque) out of 100 + cars. Thanks Scott!" Todd Sutton Las Vegas, Nevada "You guys were at the Mopar Nats last August and I stopped by to check out your booth. I live out in the country and my wife and I both drive back and forth to town about 10-12 miles, often several times a day. The bugs are terrible in the summer. I saw your BugZapper and decided to try it. It put an end to the hand cramping bug scrubbing I have always had to do. Bug and Tar Remover really does not work very well. BugZapper just plain works."
Dennis Flanagan
Belvidere, Illinois

"My wife and I met you at Wildwood this past September. Lord knows that I did not need another car polish. However, you and your wife seemed like honest, truthful people so I purchased the 32 oz. Jax Wax. I used it for the first time today. It is everything you said it was. It was so easy to put on and takeoff -- and what a finish! Hope to see you next year. If not, I'll use the mail service."
Richard Rowlands
New Jersey

"Tried Jax Wax the other day on my truck and my buddy's VW Corrado. WE LOVE IT!! It is easy to use and you cannot beat the shine. We have tried all kinds of various products from Zaino to Meguiars and Jax Wax is hands down the easiest to use and provides a better, deeper wet look shine than any other. We are impressed. We would also like to help promote Jax Wax in the New England area. Do you have any promotional materials you could send that we could distribute at the car shows we go to? I belong to a Dodge club and my friend belongs to a VW club and we know a whole bunch of people who would love to give Jax Wax a try, we know they will be impressed when the see the results. You have a two new loyal customers in New England now. Please let us know how we can help get the Jax Wax name and brand out in the New England area. Not many people here have heard of it. We want to change that. Thanks again."
Mark Phelps
Newington, Connecticut

"I heard about Jax wax at a local car show i liked how it worked - I bought a kit from the person there. Tried the Super Citrus as a Degreaser on my engine in my car and was really impressed with the result. I loaned a friend my car he forgot to check the oil (over 100 thousand mi on the car) and he locked up the engine. I am currently in the process of putting another engine in( I've heard it run before it was pulled from the donor vehicle). I bought some more Super Citrus to use as a degreaser to clean ther new engine and the engine compartment as the engine is being replaced .... Great product! You will be hearing from me in the future."
Paul Robb
Shreve, Ohio

"Scott, this is Alan...I was at the NMRA show.... well I used the wax on my wife's black blazer.......I have to say the truck never looked better..... the wax was easy to use and came right off with no smearing or anything... she noticed it right away, she came out and looked at the truck and said " You used something different, it has never looked blacker or deeper". That was enough for me.....I will talk to the Chief about getting some products for the fire house....I will also ask the detail guy at McCluskey Chev if he would be interested in using it... I will keep in contact thanks again and i hope you had a good weekend."
Alan Pittman
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I just wanted to drop a line and tell you, you guys are awesome. I just finished using your wax, and took the car outside and man does it bring the Black paint alive. Seen your product in a Mopar Muscle magazine, You have a lifetime customer here. Attached is picture of my 1969 Dart, that will be getting your wide array of products. Thanks."
Dave Riggins
Gerald, Missouri

"Just received my WashNWax and Carnauba Wax (Liquid) on Thursday. Thanks for shipping it so fast! This stuff is great! I really like the ease of the liquid wax, it is super! I plan on ordering some more products next week. Thanks again."
Doug Sigmon
Maryville, Tennessee

"Todd - I wanted to let you know that the detail kit my students bought me is incredible. I used the interior cleaning products on my regular car first (I don't test anything out on the Charger). What I was astounded by was the perfect finish the product left behind and the very pleasant smell. Many of the cleaning products I have used in the past leave an oily or slimy coating that doesn't appear natural. I hate fake shine; vinyl and leather are most often a satin type finish when new, not a "wet" shine. The dash vent magic made the interior of my car look exactly as it did when I picked it up at the dealer. The smell left behind was really nice. In the past I have used a couple of products that left behind an odor so foul I wished I had forgotten a burger under the seat instead of applying the product. The glass cleaner I have been raving about to my buddies. My friend Jay just installed a new windshield in his 72 Challenger. I took the cleaner to him because I noticed the streaks left behind from whatever it was that he used. That is the best glass cleaner I have ever used! The polish is awesome; I compare it to my old favorite 3m Hand Glaze. The exception being it is far easier to use (and not nearly as expensive). I hope you guys do a lot of business you're selling excellent products. Hope to see you at the Dream Cruise"
Rob Park
Fraser, Michigan

"I was recently up Lake Erie yesterday morning and the bugs were hitting the front of my vehicle like it was raining out. The front end was coated as well as the windshield. I decided instead of spending all day rubbing those bugs off I decided to take my Saturn Vue through the car wash and let that do the work. I came home with more then half were gone. I was some what satisfied but not fully. I went to to the Fathers Day car show in Sharon, Pa. c/o L&M Tire and met Jamie and April who were demonstrating your products. I bought a kit and the Bug Zapper. I went home and tried the Bug Zapper on the bugs that the car wash didn't remove. Wow how easy that was. I'll have to tell my buddy's about this discovery. Easy on and easy off. I can't wait to try the exterior kit. I was impressed also that with the sun shinning that you can apply Jax Wax and get it off without rubbing your arm off. P.S. I did meet the mascot. Thanks Jax!"
Robert Modak
N.E. Ohio

"I run a management and booking company. While visiting Ohio, one of my family friends introduced me to your product line. Being a former detailer I was and am impressed by the ease. I guess the best way to put it is a "Spray and Walk Away" series of products. I copywrite this phrase, but it is great for your line. I am in Southern Virginia and I will begin ordering your products soon. Thank you for your hard work and best of luck to your company, although the products speak for themselves."
Travis D Glaster,
CEO TG Enterprise, Inc. Virginia

"I purchased a JaxWax starter kit (wax, body shine, tire/vinyl cleaner) last week. I tried the wax on my GMC Sierra crew cab and I am simply amazed at how easy this product is to work with and at the superior quality of the results. The entire wax job took me only 30 minutes...and you know how big a GMC crew cab is! I've tried just about every car care product available and i can easily say that this stuff is the best all around car care solution I've used, period. Jerre Harper, the gent that sold me the product, even challenged me to apply JaxWax in the sun. I thought he was nuts, but I tried it on a small area and was amazed when it came right off easier than any other wax in the shade, leaving only a beautiful shine. I waxed my entire truck in direct sunlight. I'm sold! "
Don Griffin
Warren, OH

"To my neighbors amazement I washed and waxed and detailed two cars in little more than an hour. I was going slow as I was completely enjoying the experience. My neighbor was hooked too. The biggest impression was the ease and enjoyment of use along with amazing results. Still almost a week later the cars are shining like never before. You were right - these are some amazing products. "
Robert Fleege
Columbus, OH

"G'day Shannon, thanks for making Jax Wax products available to the public via the internet. I became familiar with your products many years ago, when I worked at a car dealership doing auto detail. I have not found a cleaner that compares to the Super Citrus Cleaner. Now I can get those tuff stains out! I'll be ordering more when I deplete the rest of my readily available car care products. Thanks again."
Tom Deckard
Columbus, OH

"Another satisfied customer. Very pleased with the JAX WAX products that I recently purchased through your distributor Jerre Harper. I appreciated his professionalism and found his assistance very helpful. JAX WAX products have been easy to use with great results, easing the detailing process. I will continue to tell others about them - especially my favorite - Hawaiian Shne. I'm hooked, and look forward to my continued use of JAX WAX.
Greg Long
Cleveland, OH

"I have used your wax before and it is the best stuff I have ever used....great stuff....thanks."
Terry Allen
Chillicothe, OH

"It was nice to meet you at the car show in Buffalo, NY on Saturday. You gave your card to my son (Eddie) and told him that I should email you so you could send him a small t-shirt. I no sooner got in the house when he asked if we could email you. After the show we went out to dinner and he kept talking about "The Wax Man", thank you for the time you spent with him it was worth the $30.00 I spent just to see the joy you brought to my son. Ed will be 6 years old on April 18th and he has a deep love for cars and he and I are looking forward to trying the wax when the weather breaks. Thank you again for everything it made my little buddy very happy!"
Rob Malinowski
East Amherst, NY

"Great product. We were very impressed with the ease of use as well as how well all the products worked. It made it a lot easier to keep our car clean at Autorama 2006 and which helped us to come in 2nd place in our class. We will proudly tell anyone who asks that we use Jax Wax products."
Todd Visnaw
Sterling Heights, Michigan

"Todd - Thanks sooo much for the great work on the Cruis'news vehicle. What a difference it made. Nothing but compliments on the truck. Most people thought it was another "New" truck. Nope, the same old truck but it was actually shining better than when it came from the painters! I guess nobody really paid attention till you guys got ahold of it! You Guys are Great. What an array of products. Thanks Again!"
Sterling Heights, Michigan www.cruisnews.com Cruis'News - The Events Publication for all Car Buffs

"I got the pics and they look great, thanks. You are a great bunch of guys and I'm glad I got to meet you all. I tried the Super Citrus as a degreaser and it's just as great as the rest of your products which I will be using for a long time. Thanks again and see you soon."
Michael Ludwig
Hermitage, Pennsylvania

"Scott sent me a sample of the Carnauba Wax for me to try when I added his site to the vendor's list of my web site www.chevytrucks.org . I purchased a bottle of Jax Wax Body Shine, and Scott stuck a microfiber towel and some drink holders in there as well as an extra. We own two black vehicles, if you have a black car/truck you know what it takes to keep them detailed - along with our 1956 truck and couple of bikes - I must say what an ease it was to use the products and fantastic results. Soooo very easy to apply and remove with very little effort. The Body Shine makes it easy to get that 'just waxed' feel and apearance back to the paint. You definitely have a repeat customer here!!"
Wayne LaGrange, Georgia www.chevytrucks.org

"Just wanted to let you know I tried the liquid Jax Wax Carnauba Car Wax on my 2004 Mercedes and it did a great job. Your product made the silver car very shiny and slippery to the touch. It was very easy to apply a thin coat to the whole car. The wiping process was extremely easy; with no hard rubbing required. There was no wax residue or dust on the car. The next week I used the Body Shine and it made the car look like it was just waxed. Your chemist must have a secret potion in each bottle he manufactures for you. I will be a loyal customer of yours for a long time."
Steve Kraemer
Chicago, Illinois

"Hello Jack - Wanted to drop you a line. I was introduced to your products at the NOPI Drag races at Norwalk. I was able to use them for first time this past Sunday. I have a Black 2002 Honda Accord, that we recently purchased. I first applied the swirl remover by hand, I then applied the Liquid Carnauba wax. I was very pleased with the results and the lack of effort required to do the job. We drive this car everyday, and for right now it stays outside day and night. At work Monday morning, three people came up to me, all they could figure was that I had spent the weekend detailing the car. They are blown away, we now have a car that looks showroom. You have a repeat customer here, and so far three new customers from just seeing my car. Thanks for being there."
Ron Thornberry
Massillon, Ohio

"I did get a chance to do some testing when the weather allowed. This past weekend I tested a product called JAX WAX! Words can not express my reaction! The stuff is the B-O-M-B! I intend to do a couple of articles. I am so excited about this product! I have NEVER seen my cars look so clean and shiny--even after the rain! I suggest you visit thier website at Jax Wax, better yet, tell them you heard it from me and they'll send you a sample. I LOVE the BODY SHINE--It's a spray wax that will absolutely get rid of those unsightly scratches and spider webs and will produce a clean, shiny result!"
Marie www.bellaonline.com Auto Polishing and Detailing

"We probably save half the time to detail a truck with Jax Wax...plus it just looks better! I think one of the nice things about the product is how easy it comes off. If we get a run in the middle of waxing a truck and don't remove it for an hour or more - no big deal. It still comes off easy and without any weird hazing left on the finish...it also lasts longer than the previous products we've tried."
Guy Kantak, Batalion Chief
Worthington, Ohio Division of Fire & EMS

"Hi Jack. It was nice to see you at the GoodGuys event here in Columbus. I bought some of your original car wax. I went home that night and tried some on my '48 Ford coupe. Wow! What a difference in finish! I completely rewaxed the car using your product. Glad I did, I love the results. I went back over the weekend and bought two more bottles. I gave them to the guys who are helping me restore my car, and they loved it too. They tried the product while they were on the grounds at the event, and we were quite a "commercial" for your products for the people passing by. I look forward to using your products and will spread the word wherever I go. Please let me know if you plan on opening a retail store. I'd love to be your first customer!"
Joe Carter
Columbus, OH

"I purchased a wax kit at the show and I'm simply amazed with your product! I was able to do my 94 Civic, 200 Four Runner, 2004 Hyundai and a 2004 Dodge Dakota with just under half a bottle. They all look like showroom quality! You definitely have a customer for life!"
Rich Watts
Mechanicsburg, OH

"Last Saturday I purchased a detail and maintenance kit at Chili's in Boardman (70 Mustang - White with Blue Stripes). I went to the Cops and Rodders show on Sunday in Boardman and of course I used some of the Body Shine before I went. I received a trophy. Thanks."
Ron Horning
Boardman, OH

"I got some of your Super Citrus cleaner from a friend and tried it on my camper to remove the black streaks. Works GREAT! I also use it to clean my electronic furnace filter in the house. It makes cleaning both of these jobs EASY!"
Ron Green
Hilliard, OH

"I dont see how you can make it any easier to apply or take off".
Phil Gardner
Sunbury, OH

"Simply put - I love it! This wax takes the 'work' out of waxing. And leaves a high gloss. 'mirror' shine. I was introduced to this wax by my father. Before Jax Wax, I was NOT one to spend time washing and waxing the car. My car looks GREAT! The best part is that it is easy to apply and easy to REMOVE! I barely touched the wax and it came off smoothly. You can leave the wax on for a day if you like. Comes off effortlessly. Got a little on the windshield. NO problem. Side benefit, better visibility. I used no prefessional tools to remove the wax. I used an old wash cloth. The wax provided a shine that is typically seen with buffing and polishing that comes from professionally done body work. After using Jax Wax once, I'm hooked. It makes it so much easier to keep the car clean, and WOW, it almost looks like a new paint job. Be careful, though. Your friends might want to 'sample' the wax, or what's worse...ask YOU to wax their cars for them...LOL. The only complaint that I have after using Jax Wax, is that I have received several requests from others to clean/wax their cars for them. I pointed them to the website."
Found on www.firefighterzone.com Reviews BY Firefighters FOR Firefighters

"I cant believe it took 10 minutes to apply to my black 1977 Trans AM. It came off just as easy with no streaks. If it will work on black, it will work on anything."
Raymond Spirit
New Albany, OH

"I am in Sales and use my black Tahoe for customers every day, and I put on 60K miles a year. It now looks better than new".
Mark Montelone.
Reading, PA