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Jax Wax Micro Renew Microfiber Detergent Concentrate thoroughly and easily cleans Microfiber Towels leaving them soft, clean and performing like new over and over again.

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Microfiber Towels and other Microfiber Detailing Tools are the backbone of most detailing tasks.

How well they continue to work time after time directly effects the end results and effort for any detailing job.

Just like a carpenter that keeps his saw sharp, the cleaner you can get your microfiber towels the better they will perform and the longer they will last. To see our "Real World" test click here.
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Related items: Microfiber

The reason Microfiber works so well is the extremely tiny (micro) spaces between the fibers. Completely dissolving and removing dirt, wax and other contaminants can be challenging for most regular laundry detergents. And because microfiber is extremely absorbent, it can be an issue for some laundry detergents to completely rinse out of the microfiber during washing,.

Jax Wax Micro Renew microfiber detergent concentrate is specifically formulated to break down dirt, wax, grease, oil and other contaminants collected in microfiber towels throughout the course of automotive detailing.
Jax Wax Micro Renew microfiber detergent concentrate also rinses completely clean during the wash cycle, maintaining microfiber's ability to absorb liquids and contaminants like a magnet.

Jax Wax Micro Renew microfiber detergent concentrate instead of laundry detergent to wash microfiber towels not only gets them cleaner and keeps them performing like new, but also extends the useful life of your microfiber towels. Jax Wax Micro Renew is specifically mixed and blended to make easy work out of cleaning the dirtiest microfiber towels.

Jax Wax Micro Renew microfiber detergent concentrate is also perfect for pre-soaking extremely contaminated microfiber towels, and for cleaning and caring for buffing pads.

Use about 2 ounces of Micro Renew for normal-soiled loads of towels. If the microfiber towels are extremely soiled, pre-soak the towels in a bucket, and or use about 4 ounces in the wash. Jax Wax Micro Renew's superior cleaning capabilities makes your microfiber towels come out cleaner, softer and more absorbent.

Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!

The reason that we are confident that you will love Jax Wax Micro Renew Detergent Concentrate is simple - We ARE the Manufacturer. Even though more costly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and do not dilute our products to increase profits.

This is the same product that we sell to our commercial customers consisting of hundreds of car dealers, professional detailers, auto body shops and classic car owners every day. Jax Wax cleaners & degreasers are commercial products that are of higher quality than than most "retail" car care products that sit on the "wax wall" vying for your hard earned dollars with slick labels and packaging. Click here to read "Should You Use Professional Car Care Products?